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Vittum Cats Wrestling Club At Southside Knockout of Orland Park!

We Are Celebrating Our Comeback By Giving Away A FREE All Expenses Paid Entry To Our Club Worth Over $400!
....The Vittum Cats Legendary Wrestling Program Is Locked and Loaded and Bringing Back Old School Traditions With a New Cast of Coaches at a Brand New Southside Knockout Training Facility In Orland Park...  
Our Brand New Southside Knockout Training Center of Orland Park 
  • Over 4,500 Square Foot Facility
  • Over 2,000 Square Feet of Wrestling Mat Space
  • 2 Fully Remodeled Bathrooms
  • Fully Remodeled Locker-Room/Changing Area
  • Complete Kettlebell Set & Rack
  • 28 Foot Long Pull-Up Bars
  • Complete Set of Medicine Balls (10lbs - 50lbs)
  • Complete Set of Bulgarian Sand Bags (24lbs - 70lbs)
  • 5 Heavy Bags
  • 30 Plyometric Boxes
  • 8 Sets of TRX Bands
  • 2 Tracker Tires
  • 2 Weighted Sleds
  • And Literally So Much More...
Enter To Win $400 Worth of In-Season Club Wrestling Here!
  • 2017 IKWF Grand Marshall
  • IKWF Coach - 21 Years Vittum Cats
  • Head Coach - 15 Years Vittum Cats
  • Coached 33 IKWF Individual State Champions
  • Coached 150 IKWF Individual State Medalists
  • Coached Vittum Cats State Championship Teams of 2001, 2008 and 2011
  • Received a full athletic scholarship to wrestle at Michigan State University
  • 4 year Michigan State University starter at 165 pounds
  • Named Illinois’, Athlete of the Year in 2003 
  • Graduated with High School Academic All-American status 
  • 2X IHSA wrestling state champion
  • 3X IHSA wrestling state placer finishing with a combined record of 14-1 at the state tournament 
  • Youth and High School Wrestling Coach - 9 Years 
  • Owner of Southside Knockout Training Center and SKT Wrestling since 2009
  • Received an athletic scholarship to wrestle at the University of Illinois
  • Starter at 125 for the University of Illinois
  • Head Coach of St. Rita High School for 9 years
  • Coached 12 IHSA state placers and 5 individual IHSA state champs including Austin O'Connor who is one of only 15 wrestlers in Illinois history to become a 4X State Champion
  • Recipient of the Lawless Coach of the Year Award in 2017
  • A 3X IHSA State Placer and a 1X IHSA State Finalist... finishing his High School career with 100 pins (headlocks... ALL headlocks)
  • Head Wrestling Coach of Andrew High School 
  • Team Illinois Fargo Greco Coach Since 2014
  • Head Coach of Illinois Schoolboy National Dual Team
  • Wrestled on an athletic scholarship at the University of Illinois
  • IHSA State Champ at 130 Pounds in 2007
  • Wrestled Greco for the Marines 2003 - 2007
  • IHSA State Champ State Placer 2003
  • Joey Augle
  • Scotty Radosevich
  • Mike Rogers
  • Tony Monaco
  • Steve Monaco
  • Danny Walsh
  • Matthew Gardner
Enter To Win $400 Worth of In-Season Club Wrestling Here!
In-season registration for the Vittum Cats of SKT will be held sometime in October.
All New In-season Club Members Will Receive The Following:
  • FREE ENROLLMENT for ALL Off-Season Programs & Camps...
  • FREE ENROLLMENT for Post-Season Freestyle/Greco Program...
  • FREE ENROLLMENT for Pre-Season Folkstyle Program...
  • FREE ENROLLMENT for ANY Off-Season Camps...
Yes, you heard that right :)

When you decide to join the Vittum Cats of SKT's In-Season Wrestling Club you won't pay a single penny for ANY off-season wrestling programs!

But don't let this fool you... Your son WILL get THEE highest levels of instruction from some of the WORLD'S very best clinicians and coaches!

No joke!

We want to start with a BANG!

Next 2-Day Wrestling Camp
Sunday 8/20 @ 10am-12pm
Tuesday 8/22 @ 6pm-7:30pm
Clinicians: Everyone you see above PLUS a few more special guests :)
Cost: FREE

Pre-Season Folkstyle:
Starts Sept 5
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6pm-7:30pm
Sundays: TBA
Cost: $150 per Youth Wrestler
$200 per HS Wrestler

Have questions?
Please direct all inquiries about off season and in-season with Jimmy Brasher at (708) 212-8511 or email him at vittumcatswc@gmail.com
*NOTE: The $150 from Pre-Season and/or $20 from Camp will be taken out of the In-Season fee of $400. So In-Season Vittum Cat WC/SKT club members could be only $230 if they attend both programs.
Enter To Win $400 Worth of In-Season Club Wrestling Here!
Along with an incredible coaching staff, one key factor that separates SKT wrestlers from the rest of the pack is our year round youth strength, speed and agility program!

So what exactly is the Southside Knockout's Youth KO Training Program? 

For the past 10 years my staff and I have had enormous success training young athletes of all ages. 

Many of which have gone onto receive full collegiate athletic scholarships.

The reason for our success is because about 10 years ago I noticed a fundamental flaw that most 'so called youth trainers' ignore.

You see, there is a pivotal time in a young athletes life, between the ages of 10-14, that their bodies are starting to adjust from childhood into a young adult. 
And it's during this growth stage that kids must train their bodies a very specific way in order to get maximum results FAST and begin the groundwork for creating the 3 essential pillars for high school and collegiate athletic success.

The Youth Athlete's 3 Essential Pillars For Success:
#1 Resistance Training
#2 Plyometric Explosion Training
#3 Optimal Core Strength Training
Have you ever noticed your child struggles athletically or is slightly behind other kids their age when it comes to strength, speed, agility and/or explosive power?

This can happen for a few reasons.

The main reason being that the other kids are most likely dedicating more time and money into their perspective sport.

Which isn't always the right approach.

Let me explain... 

You see, athletes training between the ages of 10-14 are most likely going about it the completely wrong way or at least with the wrong training advice!

It's just like anything else you do in life... It's all about quality and quantity of time put in.

Our goal here is to prepare them for the next level by incorporating exercises and movements that allow a growing child to truly understand how their body works and without burning them out by the time they are 18 years old.
This is done by creating a fun and safe environment where kids are eager to train, learn the proper body weight movements for early success and get results in much less time.

Not to mention it gets them off the couch, out of the house and in UNBELIEVABLE shape!

That's what I like to call a win win situation :)
Youth Strength, Speed & Agility Program Details:
  • This program will starts Aug 21st!
  • It is open to ALL athletes (ages 10-14), no matter what sport or club you play for
  • There is a monthly fee but no contractual agreement for youth strength, speed and agility clients. Meaning... your son or daughter may come and go as they please during the year without a penalty
  • Days/Times: Monday-Friday - 3:30pm-4:30pm
  • Unlimited sessions and may come to as many as 5X per week
  • There will be limited available spots for this program and as always it's first come, first served!
Enter To Win $400 Worth of In-Season Club Wrestling Here!
  • The Vittum Cats of SKT wrestling club will hold In-Season registration sometime in October.
  • Cost for In-Season is $400 but you can get it 100% FREE by entering to win above!
  • All new Vittum Cats of SKT Wrestling Club members will receive FREE ENROLLMENT for all Off-Season programs (post-season, pre-season and camps)... Yes, you heard that right :)
  • Our Youth Speed, Strength and Agility Program starts Monday Aug 21st! This is open to ALL sports and athletes (ages: 10-14) with NO contractual agreement and NO cancelation penalty! 
  • Go here => Get 50% OFF The Youth Training Program TODAY!
Have questions

For all In-Season Vittum Cats of SKT Wrestling Club questions please contact Jimmy Brasher @ (708) 212-8511 or email him at vittumcatswc@gmail.com

For all Youth Strength, Speed and Agility questions please call us at (708) 468-8943 or email us southsideknockoutop@gmail.com
NOTE: Even if you do not wish to join our in-season club, please still enter your email address so that we can keep you up to date on Off-Season Programs and Youth Strength, Speed and Agility Programs!
Southside Knockout of Orland Park
15545 S. 71st Court
Orland Park, IL 60462