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Full Body Workout – K.O. Training

All K.O. Training courses incorporate workouts from the highest levels of  Division 1 Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Marine Corp., Plyometrics, Football, Speed, Agility and more. These full body workout courses will increase muscle definition, stamina, muscle memory and strength through continuous muscle contraction exercises and proper rest periods. This Course will also  develop students physiological knowledge of proper stretching (dynamic and static) to prevent pulled muscles.



Treadmill /’tred,mil/: A monotonous task or set of tasks seeming to have no end.

Tired of the monotonous, everyday local gym routine? Do you want immediate results, confidence and view on how to really train your body? Our Knockout Training will fulfill all your expectations and more… At SKT we offer 4 varieties of full body workout conditioning courses a week! Each style has a specific goal. Knockout Training courses are never ran the same way twice!


ULTIMATE GOAL: To keep our clients on their toes and consistently throw them a Knockout workout curve ball!


K.O. Training (Pyramid Workout): Knockout Training (Pyramids): In our Knockout Training Pyramid workout we challenge a clients mental and physical abilities. Each client is challenged with a specific goal to achieve by the time the 1 hr class is over. Using a series of exercises, that engage the entire body, we start at a high number of repetitions and work our way down the pyramid. This Knockout Workout will build lasting muscle.


K.O. Training (Core Workout): Our Core Training Boot Camp engages your upper thighs, hips, glutes, stomach and lower chest muscles. Although this Boot Camp is slightly less intense than our other Camps because it involves less full body movements, it is one of the most important Camps we run. It is essential to build your core to its maximum potential! The core is the blueprint for the rest of your body’s foundation.


K.O. Training (Cardio Workout): Knockout Training (Cardio): The Knockout Training Cardio style focuses on our clients lungs and stamina. This Knockout Training is geared towards fat loss and lean muscle. It is a shorter Training day, but don’t let that fool you. Your body will be engaged the entire time you are here. Our goal in this Knockout Workout is to build up your heart rate and stamina.


K.O. Training (Stations Workout): Knockout Training (Stations): Our Knockout Training Station workout involves a series of exercises performed during a specific “timed” period. Clients are asked to perform each exercise until the timer goes off. This Camp has longer recovering times than any other Knockout Training course allowing you to give it your all when its your time to perform the exercise. There is a definite element of competition in the Knockout Training because you will be paired up with a partner. Each partners job is to push their partner during their timed exercise. This full body workout style builds muscle memory and strength.